Monad / Msh SharePoint Provider 0.3

Update April 8th: for latest version -- see home page

This was a lot of pain; but through a combination of Lutz Roeder's Reflector, MDBG and tinkering, I've got a functioning NavigableCmdletProvider derived SharePoint provider working:

  • only supports Drive-Qualified operation at the moment
  • no support for copy,delete or move, yet.
  • each web exposes pseudo container paths of !Alerts, !Groups, !Lists, !Roles, !Users
  • no format-types xml included yet, so directory display is a little messy

This initial release only supports running on the same server as sharepoint, meaning you'll need to install 2.0 framework and Monad 3.1 onto your sharepoint box. Just extract the DLL and run the following commands to get started:

MSH C:\Monad\Snapins> c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\InstallUtil.exe MshSharePointProviderSnapin.dll
MSH C:\Monad\Snapins> add-mshsnapin nivot.monad.providers
MSH C:\Monad\Snapins> new-drive wss sharepoint
MSH C:\Monad\Snapins> cd wss:
MSH wss:\>

So, from here you can use cd or set-location and hit tab to cycle through the pseudo containers and subwebs. Once inside, e.g. wss:\subsite\!roles, you can type dir to enumerate all SPRole items. Alerts, Groups, Lists, Roles and Users are treated as containers. Alert, Group, List, Role and User are leaf nodes. I'm extending this to treat a List and a User as a container too to expose their collections (List.Items) and (User.Alerts) as further containers. Currently, only simple paths are supported, some examples:


Complex nested paths will be in the next release, e.g.


Currently, it does support not SPS; you can map a drive to the root of a portal, but you will experience some weird behaviour. I plan to incorporate support for that in the future.

The next release will support copy, move and delete semantics between containers. It will also support complex paths. Post any ideas, feature requests and/or anything you feel might a bug or just done wrong. I'm working on a list of concrete features for my next post.

Have fun!

( for latest version, see homepage )

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