Monad / Msh SharePoint Provider Release 0.4

So, another drop for you today:

It now supports infinitely complex paths, and copy/move/delete:
     # clear all alerts for the 'username' found in the contributor role
   remove-item wss:\site\subsite\!roles\contributor\username\!alerts\*
   # make the cross-site group 'crosssitegroup' part of the administrator role
   copy !groups\crosssitegroup  !roles\administrator\
   # upgrade perms for 'crosssitegroup' from reader to contributor
     move !roles\reader\crosssitegroup !roles\contributor
Of course, wildcards work too, so let loose!
pseudo containers (will tab complete, but not show up in get-childitems):
   !alerts, !groups, !roles, !lists, !users
When in the context of certain containers, only a subset of these will appear. For example, when in the user container, only !groups and !alerts are available
   user, group, role, list
  alert, listitem
I've implemented a handful of what I call "adders" and "removers" to allow basic copy/move/delete functionality between different types of compatible (and incompatible) paths. So, what do I mean by "incompatible?" For example, it is currently possible to do:
   move-item \!users\oisin \!roles\contributor\
So, what happens is the user oisin gets copied to the contributor role (ok) and then is removed from the source (not ok). In sharepoint terms, this makes oisin a contributor, and then removes him from the site users -- which also removes him from contributors :)
Since I plan to release the source when I get to a reasonable beta level, I don't want any dirty hacks. I'm taking the time to architect the copy/move/remove path rules properly, so as to give back a solid, reusable framework to the community.
Use with:
   installutil.exe nivot.monad.sharepoint.dll
   add-mshsnapin nivot.monad.sharepoint
   new-drive <drivename> sharepoint <url>    ( e.g. new-drive wss: sharepoint http://localhost/ )

(old binary removed) - latest version always at:

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