Monad RC1 Released - Renamed "PowerShell"

Well, one sign that we're close to a release -- they've let the marketing monkeys out of their boxes for the day. What's the first stinky poop thrown from the cage? the name change: "powershell." I find all this kind of self-congratulatory naming very indulgent or something. I imagine the ultimate extension of this to be renaming a country to "WE ROCK."

I find it hard to believe that the richest company in the world can send a dozen highly paid marketeers into a room with their free soda and the best they can come up with is the "power" prefix. Anyhow, perhaps it fits in with the "powertoys" brand or something. Another thing that makes it seem a bad choice is that there are already several "powershell" products out there in the world. Not to mention "powerdiets," "powershoes," and no doubt several varieties of "power-pants."

Man, I'm spending too much time on this non-issue already. I'm starting to feel psychotic... go grab yerselves a new shell already.


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