Using Enumerated types (Enums) in PowerShell

A question came up on the PowerShell newsgroup concerning how to use enums, particularly the shortcut form whereby posh will coerce strings. Roman Kuzmin of PowerShell/FarNet fame offered up a quick answer on how to provide multiple values to be "or'd" together for [flags] decorated enums:


To which the original poster (moff) replied:

Out of interest, can this syntax be used for xor'ing values together too? 
At the moment my statement looks like this: 

$pub_svr.ReplicationServer.Script(([Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.scripto­­ptions]::Creation `
    -bor [Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.scriptoptions]::IncludeAll ` 
    -bxor [Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.scriptoptions]::IncludeReplicationJobs ))

To which I explained that sure, one way has you casting the operands (using system.attributetargets as the enum example):

$targets = ([attributetargets]"all" -bxor [attributetargets]"event,field")

And if the type name is long, another handy trick is to assign the enum type to a variable, e.g.

$enum = [Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.ScriptO­ptions] 
$options = ($enum::creation -bor $enum::IncludeAll) -bxor $enum::includereplicationjobs

...and finally, if you want to cast multiple flags using a variable shortcut, use the -as operator:

$options = $enum::all -bxor ("includeall,includereplicationjobs" -as $enum)

because [$enum]"creation,includeall" (or other guessed-at variants) won't work.

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