Excluding getters and setters from get-member output using a filter

Just a minor thing, but this is a filter I've been using for a while now as a replacement for Get-Member. It's always annoyed me that the Get_ and Set_ methods are returned along with the actual properties. The only place that's actual useful is when you're using an object wrapped in the [xml] adapter since those objects do not expose the XmlDocument's properties in the adapted member set.

update: if you use (of course you do!) MoW's PowerTab, you can disable display of the accessor methods with $PowerTabConfig.ShowAccessorMethods = $false.

  1. filter get-memberex {   
  2.     $_ | gm | ? { -not($_.name -match "^[gs]et_.+") }   
  3. }   
  4. new-alias gmx get-memberex  
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