PSEventing 1.1 For PowerShell 1.0 Final Release

I took a few hours yesterday to "tidy up my room" so to speak, so I built a nice MSI installer, updated the help, CodePlex Wiki and examples and closed all bugs. This is probably the final release now that PowerShell 2.0 CTP2 has introduced support for eventing, so thanks for all the support.

New Features

  • Multiple named queue support and default queue with -QueueName parameter
  • Better COM support, window message pumping etc.
  • NoFlush / Peek parameter support for queue reading
  • Get-EventQueue command added for viewing queues and their message counts.

Cmdlet Name Changes

  • Get-Event -> Read-Event
  • Connect-EventListener -> Connect-Event
  • Disconnect-EventListener -> Disconnect-Event

Additionally, several niggling bugs closed (including the one where read-event -wait would return immediately with no events).

For an advanced example: Foreground / Background Swappable Downloads In PowerShell.

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