VMWare and Windows Server 2008 – Choppy Display Performance

Just another quick-fix post for any readers’ benefit. I have been using MOSS on Windows 2008 Server on VMWare for a while now and the display has always been sluggish and choppy even though VMWare tools is up-to-date and installed. I decided to take a quick peek at the display properties to see if perhaps hardware acceleration is off or something like that and I noticed that the display driver was “Standard VGA Display.” I thought to myself, “Shouldn’t that be a VMWare display driver?” so I clicked properties and drilled down to the “Update Driver…” dialog. Clickety-click and hey presto, it finds a newer driver, namely “VMWare SVGA II” and installs it. Display is now much better. On other guest OS’s like Win 2003 etc, VMWare tools installation updated the driver for you, but this time it didn’t. Not sure why.

One remaining problem I have is that the mouse is dodgy and sometimes the host mouse pointer gets de-synced with the guest’s. Anyone got that problem?  Fixed by starting device manager and going through nearly the same drill as the display driver. I manually chose “VMWare Pointing Device” and rebooted, replacing the default ps/2 mouse driver.



After I rebooted, it was still a little sluggish. Then I remembered that by default, hardware acceleration is only at one notch up. So, push it up to full!

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