CodePlex Wiki now supports Syntax Highlighting

The CodePlex guys do it again. This is a great feature that will surely help large projects garner a bit more help and support through the use of better developer documentation for getting contributors up to speed. The only thing that’s missing is syntax highlighting support for the PowerShell language. Vote for the feature here - Wiki Syntax Highlighting for PowerShell

You’ll need a CodePlex account for this I think. More information on the July 22nd release:

Syntax highlighting has been added to project wiki pages. See the Wiki Markup Guide for details.
Also added is mailing list support for project discussions: start or respond to a discussion from your e-mail client; get notifications of new responses as they come in, or in daily digest format. Now users can subscribe to an entire project’s discussions, including all new discussions posted to the project. See Mailing Lists Documentation for more information.
Feature requests addressed in this release:
Syntax Highlighting Extension
Feature request: Mailing lists
Issues addressed in this release:
HTTPS should be dropped
HTTPS in forums causes browser warnings
Feature request: please let me input ENTER in release description textbox
Pressing enter while in textarea submits form

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