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It’s getting harder to post useful scripting tips for PowerShell these days as there are so many talented hardcore scripting bloggers around. My day to day is job is not system/network/server administrator; I’m a .NET developer, having started the C# habit about eight or nine years ago with the early CLR 1.0 beta. So, from here on in, I’ve decided that a better direction for me to take from now on is that of a PowerShell developer,  as opposed to a scripter. There are very few (if any?) dedicated PowerShell developer blogs around, and so I figured I should try to fill that gap as best I can. I have a not insignificant amount of experience writing providers, cmdlets and other widgety bits, so it’s a good time to share my experiences. Of course, my way is not “the” way, so please reply with your own experiences/advice/mocking/whatever. ;-)

That said, I am not eschewing scripting altogether – I have some stuff in the pipeline (har-har) concerning areas I’m interested in, like eventing and jobs/remoting.

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