Managed Code in InfoPath Workflow Task Forms - Why isn’t this categorized as a bug?

I’ve been performing the “resolution” listed in this article since I first discovered the problem, but never ever did I think it was a “feature?” I was sure that I was just the unluckiest person alive and was always working with some dodgy permissions configuration of the 12 hive, but lo and behold, no. This is just the way it’s meant to be.

Anyone else think this is just pure madness? By default any forms you create in Visual Studio have a managed component. Hitting F5 to run deploy/debug won’t ever do the work for you either. Why isn’t this mentioned anywhere in any sort of official capacity? Anybody?

Managed code may not be executed if an InfoPath 2007 workflow form is deployed as a feature for a workflow


Consider the following scenario. A Microsoft Office InfoPath 2007 workflow form contains managed code. The form is deployed as a feature for a workflow. In this scenario, the managed code may not be executed.


This issue occurs because a compiled DLL becomes part of the InfoPath form template (XSN) file when you create managed code behind an InfoPath form. Microsoft Office Forms Services does not extract a DLL by expanding the XSN file when the XSN file is installed by using the features functionality.


To resolve this issue, copy the compiled DLL to the same folder to which your feature XSN file was deployed.

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