PowerScripting Podcast: The Big Two

The dynamic duo / masterminds of PowerShell will be cornered and fiercely grilled by none other than our very own master podcaster, Hal Rottenberg this Thursday.  From the mouth of the suffixed one himself:

Coming up on the PowerScripting Live show this Thursday will be Jeffrey Snover,
the architect for PowerShell as I’m sure you all know, and he’ll be accompanied
by none other than Bruce Payette, author of PowerShell in Action and a core
developer on the PowerShell team.

We’re excited and we hope you can make it this Thursday at 9pm EST!

The live stream address is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/powerscripting-podcast

So if you want to get the lowdown on CTP3 (maybe), join us, the unwashed masses as we clamour to be near our idols. A lock of their hair and a signed discarded printout of directions to building 18 could be yours!

I made that last bit up. Who cares! This is going to be cool! Join us!

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