Pscx 1.2 Beta Released

Hey, so we did the unthinkable. We released another version of the PowerShell Community Extensions. We’re calling it a beta, because we’ve be so swamped with Real Life stuff that we’re not 100% confident that it is defect-free. It’s not going to murder your servers or anything, but there might be some documentation missing and other minor stuff. We’d really appreciate it if you can give it a test-drive. If you’re running PowerShell v1.0 or v2.0 CTP3, please use the MSI installer. It will upgrade your Pscx 1.1.1 install if you have one. If, on the other hand, you are running Windows 7 RC and/or have a later version of PowerShell than v2 CTP3, you can download the zipped module and unzip to your user profile module directory at ~\documents\windowspowershell\modules\ and load it using “import-module pscx.”

Thanks for your infinite patience (yes, it’s been a while and we’re sorry) and please leave comments and issues on the tracker at

View the 1.2 Beta release page.

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